High-quality Catholic and Ignatian education

A high-quality Catholic and Ignatian education is a path to a meaningful life of leadership and service. By combining our core subjects, the arts, the languages, technology, and other branches of knowledge, we create a powerful means to develop future leaders who will positively influence and transform New Zealand society and the wider world. Through a strong and successful Ignatian educational model and tradition, we have developed an academic programme that prepares our ākonga for the world as competent leaders, who can discern appropriately and are prepared to act. Becoming people for and with others, in love, justice and service. As they enter society, a St Ignatius ākonga is a reflection of Gospel values and are genuine witnesses of Jesus Christ - “How beautiful are the footsteps of those who bring good news” (Rom 10:15-17).

Education in the Jesuit tradition is a call to human excellence that develops the whole person, from intellect and imagination to emotions and conscience, and approaches academic subjects holistically, exploring the connections among facts, questions, insights, conclusions, problems, and solutions. Ākonga learn each subject’s implications for what it means to be a human being and what we may contribute to the future well-being of the world.

As a Jesuit School, St Ignatius is charged with the Intellectual Formation, Spiritual Nourishment and Pastoral Care of all members of the community. The principles of Jesuit Education are embedded into every aspect of our curriculum, which is designed for the formation of young people of ‘Competence, Conscience, Commitment and Compassion’ who will, in the words of Ignatius, ‘go forth and set the world on fire’.

Broad, Rich, Cohesive & Local

At St Ignatius, the competent intellectual foundation of our ākonga is the guiding principle behind the colleges academic programme. We desire to develop in our young people a sense of deep curiousity about the world, which will spark a love of learning. This love of learning will be fostered across a broad, balanced and local curriculum. By following a carefully planned and tailored program with rich learning opportunities, our ākonga will gain deep knowledge of their subjects. Through the expert pedagogy of our teaching staff, they will work towards academic mastery in their chosen fields, which will not only prepare them for the demands of NCEA examinations but will allow them to continue to follow their academic passions into higher education and take their place in the modern world.

For and with  Others

At St Ignatius, we focus on dismantling old ways of thinking. Rather than becoming proud and worried about making a good show, ākonga at St Ignatius must develop humility. Rather than focusing on themselves, they must follow Jesus’ example and move outward, looking  at what other people need and require. We aim to be “people for and with others", this means that we are willing to shift focus and actually notice others and care about them. We are encouraged to pursue justice on behalf of all persons and truly embody a spirit of giving. Our ākonga will learn and grow in an atmosphere of prayer, reflection and worship. As a people of conscience, every word, thought and action is dedicated to the Greater Glory of God – Ad Majoreum DeGlorium (AMDG).


At St Ignatius, the personal accompaniment of the learner is embedded in a deep compassion for every individual. This personalised care and attention sees the teacher as a companion and as a mentor. The companion can see clearly, way before the young person they accompany, what the next step is, but should encourage them to figure this out for themselves. The formation of St Ignatius ākonga focuses on the whole person (cura personalis) and a strong, responsive and caring team of pastoral staff will work with our teachers, ready to walk alongside our ākonga and help them overcome the barriers they may face on their journey to adulthood. This shoulder-to-shoulder stance of walking together is a true reflection of the Gospel values embodied and practiced at our school.

Personal excellence

At St Ignatius, a committed pursuit of personal excellence is an expectation of every ākonga . Saint Ignatius of Loyola in his writings calls us to strive for the 'Magis' - 'the more'. The more is a key to making choices among competing values. The entire life of Ignatius Loyola was a search for the Magis – that is, the more universal good, the more effective means, the more generous service of others, and the ever greater glory of God. Magis energises us for action. Each ākonga striving for their personal best in all their endeavours shows a commitment to God, a recognition of His presence and a thankfulness for the wonderful gifts present in each of us. Ignatian education is truly present when the ākonga is led to action; when they seek the 'Magis', the better service to God and to our brothers and sisters.