IntroductionCo-curricular Activities for Tuesday and Thursday

A rich co-curricular programme designed to enhance the academic journey of every ākonga is provided every Tuesday and Thursday. During these timetabled sessions, our school offers diverse activities led by passionate staff. These activities promote holistic education, focusing on academic excellence, personal growth, empathy, and resilience. Ākonga can choose arts, sports, community service, and music. They will pick two activities each in terms one and two, and two more in terms three and four.   

Please see below for examples of the range of electives which are on offer.


For those that are interested in theater but not necessarily want to perform on stage, this class will be looking at the creative backstage roles of theater. You will create you own character masks, learn how to design and apply stage makeup and create miniature stage sets.

This group is for advanced ukulele players who are able to read music. We will be practicing performance pieces for school assemblies.

Create games, animations, webpages and much more! We will be using the Code Club Aotearoa programme.

Calling all problem solvers, science enthusiasts, and engineering whizzes! Join our STEM Marvels League and explore the exciting world of Epro8-style challenges. Join us and be part of the next generation of STEM marvels!

Are you passionate about protecting our planet and creating a sustainable future for all? If so, we invite you to become a vital part of our Environmental Club at Saint Ignatius! 

There are people in our world in need in many different ways. Young Vinnies work with the Society of St Vincent de Paul to serve these people through foodbanks, service and sharing the Gospel in a real way.

Do you love movies? Are you an aspiring director, writer, cinematographer, actor, film critic? Then come along to the film club and be a part of riveting discussions and debates. What is the greatest film of all time? What is wrong with the Star Wars sequels? What is the greatest action sequence? Sit back, relax and get ready for fun!

What is Justice? Can you change and still be you? What makes something beautiful?

If you have ever wondered about some of these big questions then this group is for you! Come along and join our adventure exploring new ideas and big questions. 

Are you wanting to make something amazing out of paper or perhaps you want to bling out your bag with some scoobie bands. You will explore your creative side, and have the opportunity to create your own special something. You can keep it or bless someone else with it.

Get ready to set off on an awe-inspiring journey that will take you across continents, introduce you to diverse cultures, and let you explore the beauty of our world. Welcome to the Round the World Class, where you’ll discover the magic of different countries through their traditions, landmarks, costumes, and delicious foods.

We are proud of our diverse and vibrant cultural heritage at St.Ignatius. Do you want to showcase your fabulous culture? Teach others by creating an ever changing display to highlight the aspects that make you proud of your culture.

Explore the problems and amazing maths topics encountered in maths competitions. Discuss interesting problems and share possible solutions. Prepare for Mathex, Australian Maths and lots more.

The St Ignatius Choir will be an opportunity for ākonga to get together to learn and rehearse music in harmony. Performance opportunities will include singing for Masses, choral competitions including SAPACS and The Big Sing as well as tour opportunities in future years.

We will also work towards our first ever ‘Choir Camp’ which is a great opportunity to get away for two nights and rehearse complex music as well as build relationships and whanaungatanga.

Did you know that, according to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, only 7% of our communication is based on what we say? Yes, that’s right; a staggering 93% is based on tone and body language. In this club, you’ll learn how to speak out and stand up with confidence.

We will be performing songs from a variety of popular musicals. If you love to sing, dance and perform this is the option for you!

The crochet club welcomes everyone from absolute beginners to experts! We will learn new stitches and make projects for ourselves and others.

We Proposed locations: Hall/Gym, outdoor fitness center and field. Do you want to improve your fitness for a sport or to improve your health? Then Strength & Conditioning Magis is for you. Ākongas will experience a range of strength & conditioning sessions. These will include learning about movement patterns such as squatting, pushing & pulling, Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics and a range of conditioning activities.

Checkmate! Join our High School Chess Club for thrilling matches, strategic fun, and a vibrant community of chess enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, everyone is welcome.

Are you a budding journalist, an artist, or a photographer, eager to share your talent with the world? Then look no further! The opportunity of a lifetime awaits you as we start looking for talented students to join the dynamic team at Nacho’s News; our vibrant school newspaper.

Are you interested in being part of the school Masses, liturgies and leading the school in its spiritual life? We are looking for people who want to make a difference in the life of the school. 

Have you always wanted to learn a traditional martial art? Increase your focus and concentration while growing fitter, stronger and more confident. Learn this Korean traditional martial art and join a family of thousands worldwide while developing your body and mind. Improve your balance and hone your spirit!

Come and have fun whilst we experiment with different types of ingredients, learn the scientific reaction behind recipes and make all sorts of wonderful things like slime and play dough.

Join the Quiz Master Class and become a Trivia Whiz! Kia ora ākongas! Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of trivia and become a Quiz Master? Get ready for a fun-filled journey where you’ll explore fascinating facts, challenge your brain, and even create your own quizzes!

A quest is an adventurous journey to try and find or achieve something. We challenge you to take a journey and engage with society in the past and present. You will explore a range of topics and present your findings in an interesting and creative manner. From Ancient Egyptian canopic jars to Japanese Anime and Harajuku fashion.

Step into a world where colours come to life, where imagination knows no bounds, and where creativity takes centre stage. Welcome to the heart of artistic expression, the epicentre of inspiration. Our club meetings are a canvas for you to experiment, learn, and grow as an artist. Join us and experiment with the ‘art in your heart’!

A myriad of games to strengthen and challenge those logical thinking skills. Heard of Rush Hour? We have this and many others to explore and enjoy. Mainly for solo play, these games are all about challenging yourself to improve and advance through the levels of complexity and fun.

The Liturgical Music Group will be responsible for filling the musical roles needed for our school Masses. This will include being a cantor (a singing leader) and being a member of the liturgical band. 

Ākonga will be trained how to lead the music and fulfill a role of music ministry and will be regularly called upon to lead the singing and the music. 

The best writers treat language as their paint palette. They consider the different impacts a colon, a fragment, or diction can make in forming their piece of art. 

In this club, you’ll learn poetry, narrative and description, and varied techniques appropriate to these text types.