We Expect All Ākonga to Follow The Steps Below
  • Carry Bags Safely: To prevent any accidents, please ensure that your school bags are carried in a manner that avoids getting caught in the bus doors. When seated, ākonga/students should place their bags on their laps or under the seat in front of them to maintain a clear and safe aisle.
  • Seating and Standing: If a seat is available, ākonga/students are expected to remain seated for the duration of the journey. If no seats are available, stand as far down the bus as possible, wearing or carrying bags, and holding onto a seat-back or handrail.
  • Positioning Behind the Driver: For safety reasons, ākonga/students are required to stay behind the driver at all times and avoid moving around the bus during the journey.
  • Respectful Behaviour: Ākonga/students are expected to be polite to the bus driver and their fellow passengers. It is crucial to respect the property of the transport service provider and other children on the bus.
  • Follow Instructions: Ākonga/students must listen to and follow the instructions provided by the bus driver and any accompanying duty teacher.
  • Phones: You are able to use your mobile phone to contact your parents if there is a delay to your bus route. They will also be notified via text message on KAMAR.
Bus Route