Under the Education and Training Act, attendance at school is compulsory unless a specific exemption has been approved by the school and the Ministry of Education.

St Ignatius of Loyola Catholic College records and monitors attendance and will work with ākonga/students, whanau/families, staff and external agencies where necessary to improve our levels of ākonga/student attendance.  

Parents and caregivers have legal obligations to ensure their children attend school (Education and Training Act, s 244). We expect parents/caregivers to:

  • notify the school as soon as possible if their child is going to be late or absent
  • arrange appointments and trips outside school hours or during school holidays where possible
  • work with the school to manage attendance concerns.
Attendance Procedures


If ākonga/student is unable to attend school due to medical or otherwise justified reason, a parent must contact the school using the School App or email [email protected]   before 9:00am setting out the reasons for the absence and the expected duration.  

If ākonga/students are absent for medical reasons for more than three days then a medical certificate is required to authorise the absence.

Leaving during the school day

Ākonga/students are not allowed to leave the school during school hours without written permission.   Requests for any such leave must be made through the school app or by emailing [email protected] by 9am on the day of the appointment.  An exit pass will be issued and ākonga/students must sign out at student reception and then sign back in again if/when they return to school that day.  


School starts at 8:45am with Rōpū Kaiārahi.  Ākonga/students who arrive after school has started should report to our Student Reception and sign in.  It is expected that ākonga/students' lateness is explained either with a note,  through the school app or with an email to [email protected].  

Consequences aligned to our Restorative Practice approach to college life will be applied to any cases of continual unexplained lateness.

Request for Leave

The College expects   trips to be taken in the school holidays. However, if it is necessary for ākonga/students  to be away for an extended period of time (more than two school days) in term time, an application for leave must be made in writing by the parents/caregivers to the Principal outlining clearly the reasons and expected date of return.  This application should be made at least two weeks in advance. Email: [email protected].


Punctuality is important for all ākonga/students and makes a significant contribution to the academic and personal development of everyone. However, we recognise that there may be times when factors beyond our control mean ākonga/students may be dropped late to school. In these cases we need a note from parents/caregivers informing school about this and explaining the reasons. Any ākonga/student who arrives late to school without a note from parents/caregivers may receive a consequence aligned to our restorative model.  

Ākonga/students who receive more than 2 unexplained lates during a week (either before the school day or during) will be given a lunch time service opportunity aligned tour restorative model.

Parents/caregivers can contact the school using the school ap or via email ([email protected])

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